1) Download the appropriate channel for your Mirth version.
Note: You cannot install a channel that is newer than your Mirth version!

Mirth Version File
3.4.1 InterfaceMonitorAPI-341.xml
3.5.1 InterfaceMonitorAPI-351.xml
3.5.2 InterfaceMonitorAPI-352.xml
3.6.0 InterfaceMonitorAPI-360.xml
3.6.1 InterfaceMonitorAPI-361.xml

2) Import the channel.

The security and integrity of your data is our #1 concern!

Please feel free to review the channel code before deploying it!

3) Deploy the channel.

4) Go to Dashboard and enter the Server ID or Channel ID you wish to monitor.

If you need a lower version than 3.4.1, please e-mail us with your Mirth Connect™ version number!

Have an idea? Need a feature? Send an e-mail to!

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